At Jackanory Preschool we have a comprehensive list of Policies and Procedures which parents and professionals may have access to at any time. Key Policies updated October 2020 by Mrs Katherine Patrick, Preschool Manager and Mrs Amelia James, Preschool Chairperson are listed here

1.1 Childrens rights and entitlements.pdf
1.2 Safguarding Policy.pdf
1.4 Mobile phones and Cameras.pdf
1.5 Uncollected Child.pdf
3.2 First Aid.pdf
4.1 The role of the key person and settling in.pdf
4.2 Non attendance procedure.pdf
5.1 Staffing.pdf
6.2 Managing children who are sick, infectious or with allergies.pdf
6.5 Food and drink.pdf
7 Behaviour Policy.pdf
8.5 Fire Safety.pdf
9.1 Valuing diversity and promoting equality.pdf
9.2 Spporting children with special educational needs.pdf
10.2 Admissions.pdf
Home Preschool Coronavirus Agreement.pdf