Jackanory Preschool last had an inspection from Ofsted in October 2016, as a result of this we were graded as a GOOD provider.

Key points highlighted by the inspection were;
  • Managers and staff have a high expectations of themselves and of what the children can achieve.
  • Effective use is made of the attractive environment and good quality rescources to provide children with a range of activities that support early learning well.
  • Staff are aware of each child's individual needs through the effective key-person process and good communication with parents. They support children well to make good progress from their starting points.
  • Good quality teaching is coupled with regular observations and accurate assessments of children's progress by staff and managers. Staff plan to meet each child's next steps in learning and support children well to prepare for their move to school.
  • Children are confident, happy and settle quickly. Staff are good role models and encourage positive behaviour well.
  • Managers have an accurate understanding of what the pre-school does well and where further improvement is needed. A strong partnership with parents and others supports children's good progress, including those at risk of delay.

Ofsted Report 2016.pdf